Questions To Ask your Lawn Mower Service Company In Houston

If you have decided that cutting grass isn’t your thing, and you want to hire a company to do it for you, you should have a list of questions ready to ask. Lawn mower service businesses in Houston offer varied services and prices, so it is important to make sure you find a few options and pursue them until you find the one that fits your needs.

Prices and Services

The first thing to consider is the rates and services the company offers. When comparing, make sure you compare everything and not just price. For example, company A may offer mowing, weed-eating, bush/shrub trimming, mulching and sweeping up clippings for $40, every two weeks. Company B may only offer mowing, weed-eating and removal of clippings for $30. While you pay less with Company B, you get more services with Company A.

Tasks You Won’t Do

Find out if there is anything particular they won’t handle. For example, many companies will not handle the removal of poison ivy or sumac while others will handle anything for a price. For this, you may need to call the company to find out if they offer extra services and how much more they will cost.


If something gets damaged on your property because of their work or negligence, you need to know that it will be fixed. This may be found on the website, and if not, you’ll need to call and ask about damages that they do. In most cases, they will either repair the problem themselves or pay for it to be done.

Mowing Times/Schedule

Most people want their lawns mowed on a weekly basis, but many times, people find that is too often. If you cannot afford weekly mowing or your grass doesn’t need it that frequently, you can always schedule bi-weekly services. However, you will likely need to plan an ongoing lawn mower service in Houston to take advantage of deals.

How Many Crew Members

Many times, companies hire multiple people so they can take several jobs at once. You need to be able to meet those team members that will be handling your grass to ensure they look presentable and professional. Likewise, you will also want to find out if the same crew will work on your yard each time or if it will rotate.

Lawn mower service in Houston shouldn’t just be about the price, but feeling comfortable with the company. Visit We Only Cut Grass today to learn more about their options.

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