A Quick Look At The Social Security’s Disability Evaluation Process

The Social Security Administration has a definition of disability, it may not be the same as other definitions but if you hope to get benefits it is the definition that you will have to meet. In the eyes of the SSA you are entitled to Social Security disability insurance or supplemental security income if you can prove that you cannot undertake any activity due to a physical or mental impairment that has or is expected to last one year or result in the applicants death. This is the definition, meeting it is something altogether different.

One sure way to meet the definition is for the disability in question to meet or exceed that which is described in the “blue book.” The blue book is a Social Security publication that lists every conceivable physical or mental impairment; everything that is applicable from AIDS through to personality disorders and hundreds more. As an applicant all you have to do is satisfy the criteria that have been established by the SSA and your application will be approved.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to win an award based of the criteria that is given in this blue book, that is why most applicants turn to disability attorneys in Garden Grove to help them qualify when the condition they suffer from is so severe that working and earning an income to support themselves and their family is impossible.

Disability attorneys in Garden Grove can work with the applicant, putting together information that will allow the administration to review the jobs held over the last 15 years and see if you are capable of performing any of the tasks. Social Security may decide that you are not capable of doing the job that you have been doing for years but that you are capable of doing other types of tasks. When these decisions are made the SSA take into account the applicants age, educational attainment and skills.

Medical details:

The applicant is expected to include a list all the impairments, conditions, etc with the initial application for disability benefits. A complete list of all the physicians, clinics and hospitals that have been involved with your treatment is also required. As the specific criteria for the disability that you are claiming is listed in the SSA guidelines the doctor must be familiar with them. You and your disability attorneys in Garden Grove must explain to the doctor exactly how your condition limits your activities and meets the criteria established by the administration.

Even with all this supporting information and meeting the medical and non-medical requirements, approval of benefits is not automatic. It is very much the norm that the initial application will be denied at which time your disability attorneys in Garden Grove will appeal the decision.

Disability attorneys in Garden Grove can guide you through the criteria you must meet to support your application for benefits. You are welcome to visit the Law Offices of Norman J. Homen website for more information.

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