Podiatry Care For Children And Adults

Both children and adults may require podiatry care at some point in their lives, and it is important to seek it out when it is required. However, podiatrists hope that you understand a few things so that you may need fewer visits with them and can be healthier and pain-free for years to come.


Shoe stores that you and your kids go to should measure your feet each time. While it may seem that an adult’s foot never grows, it does continue growing and changing over time, so it is important to ensure you still wear the same size and that it fits properly. Children’s feet always change and grow, so they need extra attention at the shoe store.


Feet shouldn’t smell bad, and if they do, you should start a foot care regimen to stop the stench. Adults can use spray antiperspirants or particular products that are meant to remove smells from the feet. Children can sometimes use these products, as well, but you should consult with their podiatrist first.

Nail Salons

Nail salons are notorious for giving infections, even if you check them out first and think they look clean. Adults shouldn’t shave their legs or have any cuts or nicks on their feet or ankles. Children should not have their toes painted or clipped at a salon, nor should they have a pedicure.

Right Shoes

Buying your tennis shoes at a specialty store may be more expensive, but they will provide the proper support. It can be extremely difficult to keep your kids in shoes, as they grow frequently, but it is still important that they have the appropriate footwear and not something that is inexpensive or cheaply made because they’ll grow out of it quickly.

Sans Shoes

Children and adults should wear shoes at all times when they are outside. Even if you’re just walking out to get the morning paper, something should be on your feet to protect against sharp rocks, cuts, tears and improper balance.

Wash Feet

Before visiting a podiatrist, you should ensure that your feet (or your child’s feet) are clean and washed. You may have foot problems, but that doesn’t mean you should go without washing or wearing clean socks. Be courteous to the podiatrist and keep your feet clean to prevent further problems from arising. Plus, you won’t be as embarrassed with clean feet.

Children and adults may require podiatry care, so it is important you find the right place. Visit Precise Podiatry today to learn more and schedule a time for a consultation.

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