A Criminal Defense Lawyer in Villa Rica, GA, Uses the Statute of Limitations to Dig up Potentially Frivolous Cases

by | Oct 19, 2015 | Lawyers

Americans have been speaking up about the prevalence of lawsuits in the 21st century, but what does that actually mean? Frivolous lawsuits are everywhere, but no one thinks they will be caught up in a situation that is hardly justified.

A criminal defense lawyer in Villa Rica, GA, will have a certain way of discovering if a case has any legitimate merit or if it is a frivolous lawsuit brought on to try to go for a quick settlement. One of the best approaches is to speak up on the statute of limitations. Individuals that want to create a potentially frivolous case will usually wait around and push that statute to its limits. Most states dictate that an individual has three years to bring forward a case. If the charges were postponed about a year and a half, it starts to become suspicious.

For example, a person rear-ended someone else, and they traded information. After some time, the person hit may complain of back aches or headaches. A friend may suggest that it was “that one accident last year,” and the thoughts start to dance. They are still within their right to pursue a case, but it is certainly peculiar.

The longer it takes from the incident to the case being presented, the more scrutinized the situation would likely be. The statute of limitations is fair. Pressing against it is often suspicious, and may provide attorneys an opportunity to break the case and discover if it is a frivolous claim.

Everyone needs to be prepared for this type of scenario. A criminal defense lawyer in Villa Rica, GA, will typically stay away from a frivolous case. If the case has little merit, it will not make it to court. Despite the popularity and widespread talk of frivolous lawsuits, very few ever make it far in the courts. The system can sniff them out and, generally, push them off to the wayside. If a case is strong, and there is a sense of wrongdoing that is rather clear, justice will likely be found. Browse our website for more on taking a serious case to serious levels.

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