Understand the Importance of Septic Pump Maintenance in Quakertown PA

by | Oct 20, 2015 | Septic Tanks

Homeowners that have septic tanks must be diligent in making sure they are properly maintained or they could end up needing to spend money on expensive repairs and tank replacements. While septic tanks are meant to last around twenty years, their lifespans can be dramatically lowered when they are not properly maintained. With septic pump maintenance in Quakertown, PA, the tank can be kept clean and working as it should so the homeowner is not exposed to sewer waste which could be dangerous.

Most septic tank systems will need to be pumped every five years or they will become full of solid waste and this waste can begin to back up into the home. When a tank becomes overfilled, it cannot work in the manner it was created to so sewage begins backing up the backyard and will eventually back up in the sinks, tubs, and toilets. This creates a huge mess that can cause damage.

Not only does the septic tank need to be pumped as a part of Septic Pump Maintenance in Quakertown, PA, it also needs to be cleaned on a regular basis, normally when the tank is pumped empty. Using special industrial strength cleaners, the septic tank professionals will come out and carefully clean the walls of the tank and make sure there is no sewage sludge or debris left behind. This not only ensures the tank will have plenty of room for waste products, but also ensures the lining of the tank stays in good shape and does not begin leaching the sewage into the soil.

A tank must have biological processes occurring to make sure the solid waste is consumed and destroyed over a period of time. Most septic tank professionals will add septic tank treatment products to the tank once it has been pumped and cleaned to keep it operating properly.

If you are in need of septic tank maintenance services, repair, or installation, contact George C Allen & Son Inc right away. They are the septic tank professionals homeowners can rely on to ensure their tanks are properly maintained and in good working order.

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