What Is the Best Dry Food for Cats?

To give a cat a balanced diet, there’s a very specific ratio of protein and fat that needs to be achieved by cat food. Many owners don’t realize just how delicate a cat’s diet needs are, which leads to many cats not getting the nutrition they need. The best cat food that you can buy for a cat will have a high amount of protein, tons of nutrients, and a high amount of good fats. For most cats, dry cat food is best to protect their dental health. And the best dry cat food you can buy is, in our experience, Acana cat food.

What Do Cats Need in Food?

Cats are what we call obligate carnivores. This means that they absolutely do need meat protein in their diet. Cats actually have a very limited capacity to digest plant products, so trying to make your cat be “vegetarian” won’t be very healthy for them. The best dry cat food you can find should always have animal protein listed as the first ingredient. The next few ingredients should be animal fats. The food should be very limited in carbohydrates. There should not be corn, wheat, or soy in cat food, and you should avoid cat food that uses anything like added flavors, added colors, or preservatives.

Why We Recommend Acana Cat Food

When you are hunting for a good dry cat food, we recommend Acana cat food for many reasons. It was designed to mimic the way cats eat in the wild, so it’s filled with high-quality animal protein and fat, and not much else. Your cat will get exactly the nutrients they need, and they’ll avoid all the fillers that are found in most cat foods. We also like that Acana makes their food with regional ingredients that are fresh, so they don’t need to pack the food full of preservatives.

The only real cons we can find for Acana cat food is that there is no kitten formula, which could mean that your kitten won’t get the exact nutrient makeup they need from this dry food. It can also be a bit pricey compared to store brand cat foods. For an adult cat, however, this is hands down the best cat food that is available on the market.

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