Determining Whether Doggy Day Care is Right for Your Pet

by | Sep 25, 2018 | Pets

If you and the rest of your family are busy at work or school most of the day, you may be considering whether doggy day care in East Brunswick would be a good solution. While many dogs are okay staying at home during the day, your pet needs exercise and potty breaks from time to time. You can use a dog walker, but if your pet needs more attention, that might not be enough. We’ll go over a few ways to decide if day care is a good option.

What Doggy Day Care Consists Of

A dog day care is likely just what you think it is. Rather than leaving your pet at home all day, you drop them off somewhere to get cared for and played with while you aren’t available. You can expect your dog to enjoy supervision, playtime, and companionship. Here are some things you should expect the day care to provide:

  • Appropriate exercise based on your dog’s unique needs
  • Space to take a break and relax as needed
  • Medication and meal administration throughout the day
  • Connection and supervision by a skilled staff member

In addition to these services, many doggy day care locations in East Brunswick also offer other addons. This might include training, grooming, bathing, and more.

Traditional Dog Day Care

When you think about canine day care, you might get a picture in your head of a dozen dogs playing in a room or outside together. There is probably a person there to supervise and toss a ball around to the puppies. This is exactly what traditional day care looks like. It can be a fantastic way for many dogs to enjoy their day. They get to meet and make friends with other dogs and have the supervision of a knowledgeable person to make sure things are going okay.

Is It Right for Your Pet?

The dogs who do best in day care are those who are socialized, enjoy other dogs, and appreciate meeting new people. Most dogs in day care are those who are energetic, enjoy playing, and happy. You know your puppy better than anyone else so be realistic while making a decision.

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