The Basics Of Blanchard Grinding Services

When most Original Equipment Manufacturers are searching for grinding services, they may not be aware of the different methods and options available. Depending on the specific requirements for the parts and components, as well as their shape and complexity, different grinding methods may be more practical and a lower cost per unit of production than other methods.

One very commonly used grinding method is offered by companies providing Blanchard grinding services. This is the ideal method when there is a large, flat surface. This grinding process can be used for any type of metal, alloy or other suitable material.

How it Works

Blanchard grinding services use specialized grinding machines that utilize a vertical spindle and a chuck that is selected based on the type of material. The grinding wheel and the machine are very powerful, removing the surface irregularities as the wheel spins on the surface. At the same time, the grinding wheel is moved down the workpiece, allowing for fast, accurate and precise removal of surface irregularities.

During the grinding process, the pressure and the grinding movement of the wheel leaves a characteristic crosshatch type of pattern on the surface. This is the key indicator of the Blanchard method, and it provides a surface that is aesthetically pleasing if left as is for many applications.

Hiring a Company

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer looking for a company to provide Blanchard grinding services, it is important to consider several factors. Different grinding services will have a maximum part size they can run through their equipment, so that will always be a primary consideration.

Experience in working with the material you need to have precision ground will be another essential consideration. Finally, compare the company’s reputation for on-time delivery, competitive pricing, and additional services to find the service provider that is right for your needs.

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