Finding A Healthy Rawhide Alternative

Every dog owner knows a dog has “gotta chew.” If you, as a responsible dog owner, do not fulfill this need, somebody will pay. This may means you will be paying for new furniture, a brand new wardrobe and for library books or borrowed items. However, where once everyone simply brought home a rawhide chew, this is no longer recommended. However, you can readily find a healthy rawhide alternative at your favorite pet store or online boutique.

Know Your Dog

Pet supply stores always have plenty of options for those who eschew rawhide. In fact, you can find a plethora of items ranging from soft chewable to rock hard antler horns. Finding a safe alternative that is also healthy requires some consideration of your dog’s own needs. You need to factor in two main variables that will determine the chew level of your dog. These are:

Age: Young puppies are chewing machines. They need to chomp down on something in order to help with the cutting of their baby teeth. Older dogs generally are less focused in this direction. They need something that is softer and helps them maintain their teeth

Breed: Some breeds of dog revel in chewing on almost anything; others are less so.

You also need to understand the nature of your dog. Not all of a breed or age group has the same urge to chew incessantly. Be aware of what drives your companion animal, and you will be better able to pick the right type of healthy rawhide alternative chew for him or her.

The Healthy Rawhide Alternative

Stores stock plenty of options for those looking for the best healthy rawhide alternative chew for their beloved dog. Match the treat to your dog but always read the labels. Be sure you understand what each contains and check to see if they are low in calories, do not contain undesirable ingredients and are highly digestible.

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