An Ice Cube Distributor In Long Island Sells Products To Be Used During A Reception

If ice is needed to preserve the freshness of food that is going to be served outdoors during a wedding reception, ice can be purchased in bulk from a distributor. The tips that follow will assist with ordering ice products from an ice cube distributor in Long Island, NY and making arrangements to have them delivered or dropped off.

Choose Products

Ice chips, cubes, luges, and sculptures are items that can be purchased from Ice Fuel LI or another Ice Cube Distributor in Long Island NY. If appetizers and cold dishes are being served on a long buffet table, chips or cubes can be arranged in a layer before setting platters of food on top of the ice.

If a host or hostess would like to provide a dining area with an elegant touch, food can be displayed on luges. A sculpting block of ice is carved with precision. Channels that have been carved into the surface of ice can be used to hold small pieces of food.

Slices of fruit, fresh seafood, or other appetizers can be laid on top a luge so that food remains fresh. If a larger decorative piece of ice is desired, a sculpture can be purchased and placed on a sturdy, outdoor surface.

Transport And Store Ice

A customer can request that ice products are delivered to a public venue at a specific time. Otherwise, an individual can pick up their order and transport it themselves. A truck that has a large bed or a trailer will be needed to safely transport ice. Ice products should be dispersed evenly across a truck’s bed or trailer.

Items can be secured by draping a tarp over them and using pieces of rope or bungee cords to hold the tarp in place. After arriving at a destination, a cart can be used to move ice products into a room that contains a freezer.

Ice should remain in a freezer until right before a reception is about to begin. After decorating for reception and preparing a banquet and dining area, a cart can be used to retrieve additional ice products as they are needed.

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