Toilet Problems: When To Call In The Emergency Plumber

It is possible to make some plumbing repairs on your own. These days, it is increasingly easier to do so. It is certainly much simpler than it was a few decades ago. Yet, there are certain situations when you cannot go it alone. You need an emergency plumber.

Toilet Woes

While a kitchen sprayer may not constitute an emergency, a clogged toilet can do so. You may be able to mop up the scene. This is simple enough. Yet, before you call in a professional, you need to discern the nature of the clog. Once you are aware of the causal factors, you can then determine whether it is necessary to call in an emergency plumber.

Causes of Toilet Clogs

A clog can be divided by the nature of its clog: natural or foreign object.

* Natural Object: If the clog is a natural one, it is always possible you can dislodge the item by using the tried-and-true method of plunging. This Plumber’s Best Friend is often capable of getting rid of the stuck natural blockage. Alternatively, you an empty the bowl than pour down any or all of the following substances: hot water, vinegar and baking soda.

* Foreign Object: If you have a young child, chances are the object is not a natural one but a foreign one. In this case, while using a plunger may not result in unclogging, it certainly is worth a try. If this fails, you can try using a closet auger. However, do not end up pushing the clog that is causing the blockage further down into the plumbing system. This will result in a blockage in the drains and/or waste system.

Once you have determined the cause of the clog you can act. If it is a foreign object and not a natural one, it is better for the health of your plumbing system – and possibly your pocketbook, to immediately call in an emergency plumber to take care of it.

A clog may not be restricted to the toilet. It may encompass the toilet, bathroom sink and bathtub at the same time. All three may back up at once. If this is the case, the cause is probably NOT a clog in the toilet by either a foreign or natural object. Instead, the blockage is more than likely in the branch drain line that services all the plumbing in the bathroom. In this scenario, you will probably have no choice but to call in an emergency plumber.

Calling in an Emergency Plumber

There are times when you can take care of a simple plumbing issue on your own. At other times, this is neither possible nor advisable. If the plumbing problem is complex, it is always best to call in a professional emergency plumber to take care of the issue quickly, efficiently and effectively.

Sometimes, you need the help of an experienced Emergency Plumber. If this is true, call on the pros at Apex Plumbing. No matter what the plumbing emergency, you can count on them. For further information on the company and its plumbing services, go online to

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