Your Source for Your Favorite Black & Mild

Tired of looking all over town for your favorite flavor and size of Black & Mild cigars? Come to BnB Tobacco. We’ve got a huge selection, not to mention some of the best service you’ll find in the smoke industry today.

Black & Mild tobacco products are machine made and wrapped in homogenized pipe tobacco. Plastic and wooden tipped varieties are available, as are untipped and short variations. This brand is very popular among those who enjoy a quality smoke, but perhaps aren’t looking to spend on actual Cuban cigars or other such brands.

One of the most loved things about Black & Mild is the wide selection when it comes to flavor. People also tend to like the predictability of a machine made cigar. If you’re someone who likes choice, but a good understanding of what you’re going to get, Black & Mild might be the brand for you. Some of the flavors available are Apple, Cream, Wine, Vanilla and others. Natural flavoring is also an option.

The BnB Culture

At BnB Tobacco, we are dedicated to continuing the wonderful smoking culture in this country. While there might be all kinds of stuff out there to smoke, and a vast range of quality, flavor and reliability, you need to know that there’s a place you can find the best of it in one location. Our website features numerous brands, and countless varieties within those brands. You could spend hours learning about the most preferred cigars on the market, or quickly order your old standby. Whichever it is, you’ll enjoy unparalleled service.

We’re a family owned and operated company, and love cigars as much as you do. Of course, to keep up with the times, we’ve expanded to include e-smoke products, as well as a wealth of accessories like lighters, ashtrays, cutters and more. Whether you’re looking for a premium Cuban cigar, a particular flavor of Black & Mild or a new ashtray to gift someone, you’ll find it here.


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