Quilting for Beginners: 5 Easy Things to Remember Right Off the Bat

by | Sep 24, 2018 | Shopping

Quilting is fun. But it can be a bit frustrating when you’re starting out. No worries. We’ve all been there a time or two. Check out the following tips for a bit of introduction to quilting for beginners.

Always prewash the fabric

This is a common rookie mistake. Before you sit down and put in hours in getting that quilt done, make sure you wash any of the fabrics you intend to use, the Felt Magnet warns. Otherwise, you could end up running colors. Prewashing helps get rid of the excess colors so they won’t bleed into the fabric later.

Check care instructions

Before you put in those fabrics in your washing machine, though, read through the care instructions. Follow those instructions to a T. Also, some types of fabric – like silk – shouldn’t be prewashed. Keep that information in mind before you start quilting.

Pick an easy pattern

Yes, you need to challenge yourself. But not right away. If you pick a complex pattern straight off the bat, you’re only going to end up frustrated, and that could discourage your future quilting efforts. Keep it fun and enjoyable. Look for an easy pattern to start with.

Shop for enough supplies

One essential tip rookies need to know is this: shop for enough fabric. There’s nothing worse than having to order a few fabrics, only to realize that you’ve run out and you’ll need to wait it out until your next batch of orders come in.

Press your fabric

In quilting for beginners, rookies must learn the importance of pressing the fabric long enough. This might not seem all that important in the grand scheme of things. But not pressing long enough could be why your cut fabric pieces aren’t coming out right. However, pressing on them too long will result in warped and stretched fabrics. Find the right balance to make sure they turn out right.

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