Why Kitchen Garbage Disposals Can Make Your Life Easier

Not every kitchen has a garbage disposal unit, but homeowners who do have one love it. They are a great way to clear up clogs in sink drains and get rid of food that hasn’t been eaten. When switched on, garbage disposals shred chunks of food and other organic matter into pieces that are small enough to go down the drain. This means that they can pass through without getting stuck and causing a clog that needs to be repaired.

Is Your Garbage Disposal Unit In Need of Repair?

Of course, most of the time, our garbage disposal units just sit there doing nothing until we switch them on. But how would you know if your unit was having a problem? How would you know whether it needed repair or not? The following are some signs that everyone with garbage disposals should look out for:

  • Doesn’t Turn On: Being that garbage disposals are electrically powered devices, if you switch on your unit and nothing happens, this is definitely a sign there’s a problem that needs to be fixed. Your plumber can fix the issue, but it is always wise to check the fuse in your electrical box first to see if that is the cause of the power failure.
  • Smells: A functioning unit should not exude an unpleasant odor. If your unit smells, it could be that it is not working well and that there is food debris trapped in it. Don’t try to disassemble it yourself. Always call a professional plumber from a company such as website.
  • Slow: A good unit should be able to shred food very quickly. If it seems to be taking longer than normal, it could be that the blades have become dull and blunt. In this case, they will need replacing.

Always Call a Plumber

Garbage disposal units are very common in kitchens around the country, but like any appliance, they need repair from time to time. If your unit seems to have an issue, don’t hesitate to call out a professional local plumber to assess it.

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