6 Pet Care Mistakes Dog Owners Make

Caring for pets might seem easy but it’s not. If you’re serious about getting a dog, here are some mistakes you’ll want to avoid when caring for one:

Early neutering

Puppies need their hormones to develop a healthy skeletal system. Early neutering triples the risk of joint disorders in some breeds. If your vet suggests neutering, ask for both the pros and cons. Some breeds can safely be neutered when they’re around 14 to 18 months old while others might need to reach 2 years of age before they can be considered eligible for the surgery.

Zero preventive care

Regular examinations at the vet clinic can easily give your dog the protection he needs against many diseases and infections. In fact, some fatal diseases to dogs can easily be prevented with a simple vaccination. Check with your vet to know what these are.


Too much of anything is bad. Don’t overfeed your dog with treats, no matter how much he might beg for them. This could lead to obesity which could make them more at risk of developing several conditions like arthritis, orthopedic issues or heart disease, says WebMD.

Forgetting dental care

Dogs develop gum disease as well. If your dog seems to have a tough time eating or swallowing, he might have decaying teeth. Know by consulting with a vet.

Sharing medication

Don’t try to give human medication to dogs. Your Advil and other medications could be toxic to your dogs, causing permanent injury or death. If your dog isn’t feeling well, get him to a veterinarian. Don’t play doctor by administering human medications that could pose grave risks to your pet’s health.

Waiting too long

If you already see signs of your pet being sick, losing appetite, having difficulty walking or moving, don’t put off that visit http://www.holisticveterinaryhealing.com/ to the vet. Make a call and head on over to the vet clinic as soon as you can. You can connect with them on Google+ for latest updates!

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