Meeting Regulations With A Lawful Interception Gateway

A lawful interception gateway is used primarily by law enforcement agencies to intercept VoIP, voice, fax and data communications. However it may also be used by companies and even individuals to capture these same types of communications for reference, quality assurance and to comply with Government regulations.

A lawful interception gateway can be used to collect selected communications and other information mandated for the States in which your business operates as well as meet any overriding Federal requirements. You may want to monitor and record all voice calls for both internet and analog  telephone services that are used for your business. The gateway should support both VoIP and analog telephone call recording capabilities including caller ID and other information. In addition, you may be required to save all fax images for both incoming and outgoing transmissions. The gateway should not only provide capabilities to intercept T.38 Fax over IP and PSTN transfers but also to demodulate the signal and decode the transmitted images. And as business owner, you want a gateway that is customizable and easily configured to capture only the communications  content and intercept related information that you need to minimize storage requirements and reduce costs.

The lawful interception gateway may be used by businesses to collect VoIP, voice, fax and data communications. It should be easy to use and customize to capture only the information you need for your business purposes as well as meet Government mandates.

VOCAL designs innovative voice, video, fax and data communications solutions.  VOCAL’s lawful interception reference designs are the foundation for a range of Lawful Interception Gateway products used by both companies and law enforcement agencies.

There are many different ways to implement lawful interception in the technology which your company is making use of or developing. For lawful interception of fax you can have a monitoring module with a fax demodulator and decoder to handle all of the features that you are looking to implement. You can use blind data retrieval and consistency checks to help insure that you are able to achieve accurate image recovery and be able to avoid any issues which may arise with compatibility when interacting with non-standard fax machines that are either owned by your company or by an outside agent.

It is also possible to use a lawful interception gateway on standard VoIP technology. You can use them as a standalone solution which will capture intercepted data and send it along to the authorized law enforcement agency who can then take care of the decoding and interpretation of the information. This is one of the simplest ways to be in compliance with local law enforcement or federal agencies without affecting the way that your business is run or any of the work that your employees will be doing on a day to day basis.


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