Maritime Satellite Internet: The Solution To A Problem

Large ocean-going vessels, cruise ships, barges and even platforms at sea have a need for reliable internet. This may include the ability to monitor and control functions as well as to provide dependable connection to land-based offices and teams. With various packages offered customized to the specific use and requirements, this can also be a cost-effective solution.

The use of maritime satellite internet is much more reliable than other options for connectivity, providing connectivity in areas where other types of internet simply cannot. The use of the satellite connection is ideal for large data transfers or continual use, and it also provides a dedicated connection that can be customized for the specific requirements of the ship or vessel. Small data transfer (narrowband) can also be accommodated with the systems depending on the specific requirements of the vessel.

VSAT Technology

The most commonly used maritime satellite internet is provided through VSAT systems. These Very-small-aperture terminal systems are installed with a small dish that is on both the vessel and the land-based terminals. Satellites, moving in geosynchronous orbit or in a geostationary orbit allow data to be relayed from the base stations to provide connectivity and 2-way data transfer.

The use of maritime satellite internet allows for VoIP technology to be used on vessels, providing a reliable option to maintain communication. New technology and options for transmission allow internet providers with this specialized technology to offer high-speed internet capacity to vessels, including the option to use cloud-based services and systems.

Some of the top maritime internet providers using the VSAT systems also provide bandwidth which can allow for streaming of movies and videos as well as connection to cell phone services. Comparing the speed, uptime and the quality of the internet with the VSAT system to other options will make it evident why this is the best choice.

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