Make the Most of Your Company’s Website

Your website is going to be your biggest internet presence. Your social media will all point to it, your card will reference it, and you will use it to sell your company. With all of that, it is important to make sure that it is reflecting your company effectively. Two key aspects for a website is how it looks and how it works. The design and functionality needs to be on-point for your company to be represented well.


A good looking website will keep people interested. Making sure your website is branded well, and there are interesting visuals will help bring people back to your site. The branding is important because it means you are using your website as an advertising tool. You don’t want to miss out on the ad space that you don’t have to pay for. A blog article should obviously belong on your company page, this will help tie the blog to your company. Having a nice, recognizable brand image makes this easy. Just make sure they show up regularly in your website.


It is important that your website looks good, but it also has to work. A website that is slow to load, crashes, or is overloaded with Google ads is a website that people won’t come back to. This can really impact your sales, and your company’s reputation as well. In Chicago, web design companies should take into account how your website is accessed. If your company is usually looked up on mobile devices, the functionality and design will be different than sites accessed primarily on a desktop. Some functionality will only work on one or the other, and in some cases you may need to have a mobile site that is different from your desktop version. For more refined functionality on mobile devices, development of an app may need to be considered as well.

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