Tips for Gun Safety in Louisville KY

Guns are an exceptional tool that can be used for hunting, self-defense, and plinking in the backyard. But because they can be dangerous if used incorrectly, Gun Safety in Louisville KY is a must. Taking a class about proper firearm use is one of the best ways to stay safe. There are also some quick tips that all gun owners should know.

Point the Gun in a Safe Direction

Even if a firearm seems to be unloaded, never let the barrel aim at anyone. If the gun turned out to be loaded and went off for some reason, having it pointed in a safe direction will make sure no one is hit. When out shooting, all shooters should diligently keep the muzzle of each firearm pointed downrange.

Be Careful with the Trigger

Because the trigger fires a gun, never put a finger on the trigger until ready to shoot. Even if a safety is engaged, it’s possible for safeties to fail, or for someone to think that safety is on when it’s not. The only time to put a finger on the trigger is when aiming at a designated target so that a bullet can be safely sent downrange in a controlled environment.

Don’t Leave the Gun Loaded

After use, a gun should never be left loaded. All firearms should, of course, be securely stored, but if anyone happens to find an unloaded gun, they can’t accidentally shoot it. Always double check guns to make sure they’re unloaded, including by examining the chamber.

Confirm the Target Before Firing

Once a potential target is chosen, never fire until certain that the target is in a safe location where bullets will be stopped from going places they shouldn’t be. Also, make sure that no one is nearby who might approach the target while the shooting is going on.

Use Eye and Ear Protection

Firearms are loud and can damage hearing when fired, so never shoot them without proper hearing protection. It is also a good idea to wear eye protection.

These tips are a great start for learning Gun Safety in Louisville KY so that no accident will spoil the enjoyment of firearms. Be careful with all guns, and then every day at the range will be a fun one.

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