How The Right 30mm Scope Rings Make A Difference In Accuracy

There are multiple different components of a weapon that can work to increase the accuracy of the gun or to increase the challenge in hitting the target. Often shooters of all experience levels spend considerable time and money on the latest on scopes or the latest technology in optics, but then make a poor choice when it comes to the 30mm scope rings needed to mount the scope.

Unfortunately, when the 30mm scope rings are poor quality or cheaply made without consistency with regards to quality control, the results are often very frustrated shooters. Unless the gun owner is smart enough to consider the scope rings as the culprit, there can a lot of time spent in trying to sight in a scope that is actually functioning with precision and accuracy.

Common Mistakes

Scope rings are typically not expensive, but they are also not cheap components for the weapon. In general, most gun owners will pay between one and two hundred dollars for a quality, precision crafted set of 30mm scope rings, with different heights and designs being more or less expensive.

Buying something that is extremely low cost usually means they are produced outside of the country, so they are made to different standards. It can also indicate low grade and quality of aluminum and poor finishing processes that will not only impact the look of the gun but also the ability to firmly mount and hold the scope without movement.

Not Considering the Style

For some gun owners, particularly those who change scopes frequently, the right style of scope rings are those that are easy release and tighten around the scope without having to adjust the base.

The horizontal split scope rings in the 30mm size offer the greatest flexibility if scope changes may be required. These are durable, rugged and secure rings that will provide years of use without any need to change.

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