Options In 30mm Scope Rings

There are many different options in 30mm scope rings, with specialized two-piece designs offering standard, low, intermediate, non-adjustable, cantilever, extra high and XX high rings.

This selection can be confusing, to say the least, even for some who have experience in customizing their own guns and adding scopes to rifles. Taking the time to consider the options and to choose the right bases and 30mm scope rings will be important both for mounting the scope as well as for comfort in shooting. Comfort in shooting also helps to improve accuracy, so these small components actually play a big role.

One Or Two Pieces

Scope bases and rings can come, as a one-piece option or as two pieces. The one-piece option allows for easy mounting to the rifle as the scope rings and later the scope will be correctly positioned once the base is attached to the gun.

For those with longer scopes, the one-piece option is ideal as it pushes the entire scope forward. This will correctly position the optic for the shooter without a lot of manual adjustments required.

The two-piece 30mm scope rings will need to be aligned manually, but this is a relatively simple process. As there is no connection between the two, this is a lighter system and offers more clearance for the bolt action, which is often important for hunters.

The height of the rings will be determined by the scope, but it should always be as low to the barrel for increased accuracy. However, it is also critical that no part of the scope touch any part of the weapon, which is why the larger scopes will require the high, extra high or XX high rings.

Choosing the scope based on the ability to make it comfortable for the shooter to sight down the scope is necessary for accuracy. Even the best scope and scope rings won’t improve accuracy if the shooter’s head is at an unnatural angle to the weapon.

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