The Benefits of Post Surgery Bras

Preparing for surgery can be stressful. It means that you have taken the step towards making a change in your life, and a major one at that. However, preparing for post surgery can be just as important. Coming home from surgery and not having the appropriate rehabilitation supplies can be detrimental to recovery.

Post-Surgery Clothing
Some garments are made specifically for helping with recovery from procedures. One unique type is a post-surgery bra for after a mastectomy or breast surgery. There are many benefits to these garments, including the following:

 * Increased support
 * Increased comfort, decreased pain

Increased Support
These post-surgery bras offer shaping and comfort, without the stiffness from the underwire. The bras are usually made from more fabric, allowing for extra overall support. The straps are thicker, similar to a sports bra, to offer more security. They are worn day and night for a few weeks during the healing process. The compression helps to decrease pain and swelling.

If you are undergoing a breast augmentation, there are specific bras which allow for strap adjustment throughout the recovery. After a mastectomy, post surgery bras can come equipped with pouches for medical fluid for treatments.

Ideally, the garment is made from a soft fabric such as nylon, microsomal or elastic. Although the bras may feel constricting at first as your breasts heal, it will conform to a more proper fit. Some types of post surgery bras are equipped with a zipper or clasp in the front for easier removal. These clasps are usually adjustable, which allow for modifications to size as needed. Additionally, some bras have the ability to decrease heat radiating after radiation therapy.

What to Look For
Consider what cup size you will need after surgery. For ideal sizing, measure under your breast prior to surgery. Next, measure the largest point of your chest. If you are unable to do so on your own, a bra store or your surgeon may be able to assist you. Once you have your measurements, consider what size you will be post-surgery. This is a conversation to be had with your healthcare team. It is important to pick one that is large enough after surgery, but not too loose as to not offer enough support. Regardless, it is of utmost importance to listen to your surgeon for after-care instructions.

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