Reasons To Consider A Face Lift In Chicago And Options Available

Most people have heard of a face lift in Chicago, even if they’ve never considered having one. However, there are many reasons to consider facelifts, so if you are on the fence, it may be helpful to learn what those reasons are. Once you’ve decided to have one, you’ll also want to learn about the types available, so you know what to ask the plastic surgeon.


Your skin elasticity and muscle tone can be lost as you age, which can make you look older and can give your skin the appearance of stretching. A facelift can stop that and reduce the look of aging and muscle loss, giving you a more youthful and prettier look.


Your nose and mouth could start to look creased, or you could develop jowls, which are heavy folds. While some think of them as “battle scars” through the ages, most women want to tighten that up to look healthier. While you won’t erase all signs of aging, you can reduce them, so you age more gracefully.


Wrinkles are the devil’s best friend and can be an annoyance and embarrassment to women and men everywhere. While men tend to look better as they age, some still dislike the wrinkles and gray hair. Whether you have facial wrinkles or some on your neck, you can have them “tightened” to look youthful and better in your skin.


A tired face is an older face. Looking tired all the time has a poor effect on your energy and appearance. People will think you’re sick or that you’re spreading yourself too thin when it’s just that your skin looks bad. A face lift in Chicago can tighten everything up, which can provide an immediate awakening factor to your looks.


The short-scar, mini, and standard facelift are all available through most plastic surgeons and can all be helpful in their own way. The mini version lifts and tightens the skin, but doesn’t work on the neck. It can help with minimal aging signs, such as mild muscle-tone loss and a tired appearance.

The short-scar version is a variation of the mini one and works well for moderate or mild skin laxity and jowling. It doesn’t work on the neck but lifts the face. It can leave fewer scars and is considered less invasive.

The standard version helps with all five problems, including sagging, wrinkles, tired appearance, muscle-tone loss and deep creases.

A face lift in Chicago can help with wrinkles, sagging skin and much more. There are three primary types, so visit Chicagoland Aesthetics today to find out which one will work for you.

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