6 Essential Things to Know Before and After Your Eye Surgery

Getting eye surgery can be a scary and intimidating thought. Here are a few essential things to know before and after the procedure.

Follow your doctor’s instructions

Be sure to follow all the instructions that your doctor has left you with so you know what to do before and after the surgery. Failure to do so could have serious consequences and delay the procedure. If you want to get the treatment done as soon as possible, then follow those instructions carefully, the Active Beat says.

Use eye drops

After the surgery, you may experience dryness. Your doctor will provide you with a list of drops you’ll need to take before and after the surgery. Those drops will prevent the dryness and itchiness so you won’t end up rubbing your eyes. Otherwise, you could end up with an infection, which would only delay your recovery.

Clean your home

Dust and dirt are not good for you. That’s why you may want to clean your home from top to bottom before the procedure. That way, you can heal without any worries.

Wear protective goggles

Some types of eye surgery require you to wear protective goggles after the surgery. It may be a bit uncomfortable but wearing it in your sleep can keep you from rubbing your eyes and causing an infection.

Have someone with you

You aren’t going to be in any condition to drive after the procedure so it’s best that you have someone come with you to the hospital or clinic. Once the surgery is done, your friend or family can take you home.

Know the risks and side effects

It pays to know what the risks and possible side effects are. That way, if you experience any of them, you can call and let your doctor know.

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