Tips for Catching Speckled Trout

Speckled trout is a premiere sporting fish in different fishing grounds. Fishermen use different names in reference to this fish. These include spotted sea trout, yellow mouths, specks as well as paper mouths. Apart from being a terrific water fighter, this fish is also a great table meal. Once hooked, this fish will surely give you a show because it thrashes and dances wildly trying to get its freedom back.

This fish is found in many places especially in Texas fishing grounds and the Gulf coast. Identifying the specks is easy. They have a silver color with some olive-green tints at the back as well as several black dots extending over the tail and dorsal fin.

The lower jaw of this fish is larger than its upper jaw. The upper jaw has two canine teeth. Generally, the body of the specks is elongated and their mouth is large. They feed on small fish like croakers and pogies, shrimp and crustaceans. On average, the size of specks is 14 to 18”. They weigh 1 to 3 lbs.

Catching the speckled trout

If you are going on a fishing trip and your goal is to catch this fish, you need some tips to guide you.

They include the following:

* Identifying their location: Specks are common in the shallow coastal areas that are near sands and mud bottoms. Identify such locations in your fishing ground and then take your time to find out if specks are found in such locations.
* Know their bait choice: To catch specks, you must use the right bait. Specks like shrimp, croaker, mullet, mud minnows and pin perch among others. There are also artificial baits that you can use to catch specks. There are several artificial baits in the market that you may purchase before you go fishing.
* Learn and practice in advance: Before going on actual fishing, take your time to learn more about specks. Find out how to identify them and their behavior. When you know the patterns of specks, you can easily target them at the time when catching them is easier. Practice to develop tactics that will enable you to catch more specks in varying circumstances.
* Have a fishing guide: If you are not conversant with specks fishing, it is advisable that you hire a guide who is knowledgeable and experienced in fishing them. This will enhance your hunting experience and enable you to catch specks in large numbers.

Speckled trout is a favorite of many game fishermen. You can have better fishing experience with knowledge of this fish. Click here for more information about this fish.

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