Keeping your boiler in Passaic County NJ at peak performance

Boilers are definitely a great way of heating your home. The latest models are far more efficient as compared to those that were there a decade ago. With a new and highly efficient boiler, it is possible to save on your energy usage and minimize your energy bills by up to 30%. To keep your Boiler in Passaic County NJ operating at peak performance, you will need a HVAC expert to offer maintenance and tune-up services. This will help you save money as it prevents the costly breakdown of your boiler. A tune-up of the boiler also extends its lifespan. Boiler manufacturers recommend an annual maintenance and tune up after every one year to keep the equipment operating in maximum efficiency.

A regular maintenance of the boiler is not only relatively inexpensive but can offer result in increasing the life of the equipment and its energy saving. When you regularly tune up the boiler, you will be able to spot and repair the small issues that may result in major issues if not taken care of. While there are obvious differences in the operation and design of boilers and therefore, the maintenance type, there are certain measures that should be carried out during a routine tune-up. These include:

  • Cleaning up the combustion chamber, burners and the heat exchange surfaces
  • Checking blowers and fan belts
  • Checking the operation of thermostat
  • Checking proper venting
  • Lubricating motor
  • Inspecting and replacing motors

When installing or replacing a boiler in Passaic County NJ, it is important to note various issues. To save on energy, choose an Energy Star rated model. A sealed combustion boiler fuels its burner using outside air instead of heated air and this help to save money. In some states, individual boilers are eligible for a tune up rebate each year.

If you intend to install or change your current boiler, Ramapo wholesalers sell and install the top performing brands in the industry. They have a team of experienced pros who can help you choose the right boiler system to keep your home comfortable and warm while reducing your fuel costs.

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