Enjoy the Water in Kenya

There are a variety of holiday homes in Kenya for rent, so why not choose one near some water sports? Kenya is about 225,000 square miles in size, and 2.3 percent of that is water. There’s more than 300 miles of coastline and 9 major lakes. All of these locations mean you can find anything from a relaxing spot on the beach to photogenic wildlife scenes to boat tours.

Seaside Vacation

If you’ve picked one of the great holiday homes in Kenya that’s by the beach, then prepare yourself for spectacular views. Diana Beach is one great spot to spend your time, and much of the beachfront is private for extra enjoyment. The white sands and clear water are a beautiful sight while you kick back with your favorite book or drink.

Nature at its Wettest

A lot of Kenya is dry plains, so where there’s water, you’ll find much of the local wildlife getting a drink or bath. There are a variety of lakes and rivers where you can ride along the shore and see flamingos, rhinos, hippos and more. So after you’ve enjoyed a day at the beach, enjoy a day watching nature’s beauty at the lake.

River and Lake Tours

When you book a tour, you gain the benefit of a local expert in both the wildlife and ecosystem. Touring a river is a great way to see multiple different environments and wild herds. Along a river, you may see zebras, lions, elephants or giraffes. Some tours are on land, riding alongside the shore, but you can also schedule boating tours on some of the larger lakes and waterways. This gets you up close and personal with many wild animals.

You may not think of water right away when picturing Kenya’s dry savannas, but it is a coastal country which gives it a lot of beachfront. Safari and Lodge in Kenya are a great way to spend some time in the sun by the ocean, so book your stay today.

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