Inca Trail Tours: Restrictions And Regulations

Tourists arriving in Peru often have one goal – they plan to visit Machu Picchu. To reach this destination, the majority intend to take the well-known Inca Trail. Tours on this route are the most common. However, before embarking on this adventure, tourists need to consider the regulations and restrictions set into place to protect the region.

Basic Government Regulations

In order to ensure the protection of the Inca Trail, the government has put into plate several regulations. Updated in 2017, these rules control many aspects. Among the ones a tourist needs to be aware of are those governing the following:

Numbers: For a 4-day trek, the allowance is for 500 persons a day (This figure includes both trekkers and staff, limiting the actual number of tourists to around 220). For a two-day trek, the total number of individuals is 250 per day

Group Size: 16 is the maximum size of any group. If you join a group of more than 10, you immediately must hire a guide and an assistant guide.

Trek Tickets/Licenses: Inca Trail tours cannot occur without a license or ticket. A ticket to kike the Inca Trail includes an entrance ticket to Machu Picchu. Do note that entry tickets to Machu Picchu also have specific regulations and restrictions, including entry time and routes to follow
Season: The Trekking Season for the Inca Trail does not include the month of February.

The regulations do not establish an age limit or address physical capabilities. However, it is imperative for those hiking the Inca Trail to be fit and to prepare themselves for the high altitudes.

Inca Trail Tours

For those planning to travel the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, keep in mind the regulations governing the trek. Talk to a local travel agency about possible Inca Trail Tours. They can help simplify the process for you, removing much of the concerns.

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