The Right International Movers Will Make a Move From Chicago Easier

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Moving

An international move is exciting, and a massive life change. It also requires a lot of planning, coordination and work to ensure that things go smoothly. There are so many concerns to keep in mind, even beyond getting your possessions packed up. It can be overwhelming – after all, a local Chicago move is difficult enough.

A move outside the country should not be attempted without the assistance of experienced international movers. Chicago area residents are making the move overseas only need to find the right company to meet their needs.

When searching for the right provider, look for these services:

1. Pre-move Planning
Obviously there’s bound to be a lot of planning that goes into an international move. Coordinating paperwork, finding out how to ship furniture and other belongings, finding out how to get your driver’s license in your new country…this and many other concerns have to be arranged. A moving services company specializing in international moves will help you plan this out and point out anything you’ve missed.
2. Packing or Crating
Packing for an international move could be much more involved than packing for a move to the other side of Chicago. Since shipping and customs can be costly, deciding what to ship and what to either store or sell must be done. The items you choose to ship have to be carefully packed, not to mention being broken down into what you can’t live without (that which should go in your luggage), that which is unbreakable and will be used within a month (which should go in your air freight), and that which can go by sea in the rest of your household effects. International movers will be able to help you break this down into manageable tasks.
3. Arranging Transportation of Goods
Then it comes time to arrange your shipment. This can be a complicated process. Thanks to your moving services company, you don’t have to worry about any of that. They’ll coordinate the ins and outs for you.
4. Customs Clearance
Going through customs after making an international move is far more complicated than going through after a short trip. Transfer of residence forms, property information, a description of the value of the goods you’re importing, evidence of taking up residence…all of this, and more, must be in order and can be organized by your moving service.
5. Settling In
Finally, solid international movers will be eager to help you get settled into your new home. Should you need assistance with finding a school for your children, need a cost of living analysis, help you with signing a lease or other important paperwork…your best interests should be at the forefront.

The right international movers can help make the process much easier, and take a lot of the work off your plate.

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