Your Questions Answered About Wellness Exams And Vaccinations At A Cat Clinic In Lenexa KS

Cat owners want their feline friends to stay healthy and when you bring your pet to a Cat clinic Lenexa KS veterinarian, your furry companion will receive the best care and treatment. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn about wellness care and vaccinations for cats and kittens.

Q.) At what age should a kitten visit a veterinarian for the first time?

A.) A pet owner who adopts a kitten should take the animal to a veterinarian for a wellness check before taking the kitten home. This is especially important if there are already cats residing in the home. If the kitten has fleas when it’s taken into the home, the other cats can also get fleas. If the kitten has a contagious illness, you don’t want the other cats contracting the sickness. By taking the kitten to a veterinarian as soon as possible, any medical conditions can be immediately treated. If the kitten was raised in the home, a pet owner should take the animal to the vet clinic for a physical examination when the kitten is six to nine weeks old. After the wellness exam, the vet can give the kitten its first vaccinations.

Q.) What is the required vaccination schedule for cats and kittens?

A.) The first vaccination kittens should receive is a combination vaccine when they are six weeks old. Kittens should receive an additional combination vaccination every month until they are four months of age and then again one year later. The combination vaccine is for panleukopenia, calicivirus and rhinotracheitis. At eight weeks of age, kittens should also have a feline leukemia vaccination and then another one when they are one month old. They should have an additional vaccination one year after the last booster shot and then a yearly vaccination if they’re exposed to outdoor cats. Some Cat clinic in Lenexa, KS veterinarians also recommend a yearly rabies shot for cats. Pet owners can discuss this option with their vet during a wellness exam.

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