Spousal Support and Divorce Law in Timonium, MD

When a former spouse fails to follow divorce law in Timonium, MD, it is important to call a divorce attorney right away. Many ex-spouses to seek legal help because the other party has not payed the required alimony or child support. A divorce lawyer can help by seeking enforcement of the court order, and they can protect the client’s right to financial support.

Court Order Enforcement

When a divorce lawyer seeks enforcement of court orders, they petition that a former spouse face contempt charges through a rule to show cause; this means that the lawyer and client ask the court to act because an ex-spouse has not complied with a judge’s order to pay spousal or child support. If it’s proven that the non-compliance was willful, the offender can be arrested if they fail to appear in court.

Accountability Court

When former spouses are severely delinquent in child support payments, the other parent can ask that the case be taken to accountability court. To qualify, the other spouse must owe at least $20,000 in support payments, and if the court takes the case, the delinquent spouse must appear for payments to be made. Monthly appearances and payments are required following the initial appearance; failure to do so can lead to criminal charges and arrest.

Wage Garnishments

Earnings assignments, also referred to as wage garnishments, are payroll amounts deducted from a debtor’s earnings and given to the other spouse. Employers are legally required to implement an earnings assignment within just ten days of receiving the order, or face legal action. Garnishments apply to income from a variety of sources, and they are enforceable even on those who are self-employed. If a child-support judgment is in place, income such as disability or Social Security can be seized to make payments to the entitled party.

How an Attorney Can Help

Getting divorced can be hard enough on its own, but divorce law in Timonium, MD can become even more complicated if there’s a spousal or child support agreement in place. When problems arise between former spouses, action should be taken so that parties are adequately represented in court.

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