Has the Time Come to Talk with a Family Law Divorce Attorney?

When most people choose to marry, they do so with the intention of being together for the rest of their lives. Unfortunately, things don’t always turn out the way people anticipate. If the marriage needs to end, it makes sense to seek the services of a family law divorce attorney. Here are some situations that indicate that the time to make that call is today.

Nothing in Common

Once upon a time, the couple shared the same vision for a future and had common goals. Over time, each of them changed course and now seek other things out of life. While there are no ill feelings and the couple is not constantly arguing, whatever they had is now gone. Rather than stay in a marriage that has become more of a friendship, it makes sense to end the union and allow each party to find someone more compatible. A family law divorce attorney can help the client file the documentation necessary to make that happen.

An Abusive Spouse

Abuse can take a number of forms. In some cases, it’s constant negative remarks aimed at undermining the confidence of the other party. Other times it may take the form of treating the spouse inappropriately in public settings. Perhaps the abuse becomes physical, leaving the individual with more feelings of self-doubt and less self-esteem. Before the situation escalates, it makes sense to see a lawyer and begin proceedings to end the marriage.

There’s Someone Else

Finding out that a spouse is involved with a third party is devastating. In quick succession, feelings of hurt, anger and sorrow will follow. When the spouse is unwilling to end that outside relationship or counseling is not enough to mend the rift, the only reasonable course of action is to seek a divorce. As part of the process, the lawyer will do everything legally possible to ensure the innocent party has the financial resources to start a new life.

When ending the union is the only viable course of action, call Patricia L. Martin, Attorney at Law, today. Together, it will be possible to evaluate the situation and determine the best way to proceed. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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