Services for basement Crack Repair in Frederick

A crack in the basement can mean many things. A small leak or frost heave, for example, can leave a crack. That may be able to be repaired by waterproofing the basement or crawl space. Tree roots can be placing pressure on the foundation, causing the walls to bow or crack. If the damage is just beginning, it may be possible to remove the tree root and brace that part of the wall. Hydrostatic pressure or a weakened structure may require much more involved intervention.

Ignoring the crack is not a wise choice because it could mean there is a major problem that has to be addressed. Appropriate and professional services for Basement Crack Repair in Frederick begin with an inspection by an experienced company. Technicians can inspect the basement crack(s) and assess the situation. At that point, recommendations will be made for solutions and estimates will be provided. Services are available for residential and commercial buildings.

The repair method used depends on the condition of the foundation and the weight of the structure. If a foundation is severely damaged, for example, and the building is a large office building or retail store, walls may have to be reinforced or reconstructed. Wall grouting is a method by which the walls are straightened first, then reinforced with bars, with cement then placed into drilled holes. The exterior area has to be excavated, jacks have to be used temporarily, and the wall has to be resealed once the area is refilled.

Many companies that provide Basement Crack Repair in Frederick have to sub-contract the jobs that require advanced wall reinforcement or wall reconstruction. That means more time and more costs are involved in the repairs. An experienced company, such as Keystone Foundation Repair Inc, will have expert masons in-house to complete wall reconstruction, saving time and money for customers.

Some walls can be reinforced from the inside using carbon fiber strips or interior wall bracing systems. Interior methods tend to be less invasive, more cost-effective, can be installed quickly, and can be used any time of the year. Other services provided include repairs for leaning chimneys, sink holes, sunken foundations, as well as waterproofing.

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