Common Eye Injuries and Their Treatments

Most people do not think about eye injuries until they or someone they know suffers from one. Without proper attention, eye injuries can become very serious and can even result in permanent vision loss. If you have had an eye injury in Grand Rapids, you may be wondering what your treatment will entail. Two of the most common types of injuries are corneal injuries and retinal injuries.

Corneal Injuries

The cornea is clear tissue that covers the pupil and helps to focus images. The most common form of injury to the cornea is a scratch or scrape by a foreign particle. To treat such as injury, an eye doctor will typically remove the particle and administer eye drops and an eye patch. More serious punctures may require the use of an adhesive, an antibiotic ointment or even surgery. The cornea can also be damaged by exposure to harsh lights or chemicals. Fortunately, the cornea is durable and tends to heal fairly quickly.

Retinal Injuries

The retina is the portion of the eye that is responsible for transmitting detected images to the brain. Retinal injuries are less common than corneal injuries, but they tend to be far more serious in nature. Trauma to the eye can cause the retina to tear, which can in turn cause retinal detachment. This is a serious condition in which the retina is wrenched loose from its position. If you have had an eye injury in Grand Rapids and you begin to see a sudden increase in floaters or flashes in your eye, you should seek medical treatment immediately because you may have a retinal tear or retinal detachment.

Small injuries to the retina are treated with either laser surgery or cryopexy. These treatments use laser technology and freezing technology, respectively, to seal any small holes that are present in the retina. Retinal detachments require surgery. First, the retina must be pushed back into place using tiny instruments or gas. Then the retina must be reattached using lasers or cryopexy. This is a delicate procedure and it can sometimes take several months for the eye to fully heal. If surgery is not administered promptly, retinal detachment can lead to permanent vision loss. Fortunately, if you seek immediate treatment for an eye injury in Grand Rapids, you have an excellent chance of making a full recovery.

Suffering from an eye injury in Grand Rapids can be frightening, but there are treatment options available. If you have had an eye injury in Grand Rapids, you can find a provider who will do all they can to help you feel as good as new.

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