Home Foundation Repair in Houston, TX: Signs of Foundation Damage

The foundation of your house doesn’t damage easily. However, if water continues to regularly seep underneath your home over the course of a long period of time, it might lead to the formation of a sinkhole underneath your home, thus causing the foundation of the house to sink. If the foundation begins to sink, the whole house will sustain damage. However, the signs of foundation damage tend to become apparent quite early. Here are some obvious signs for which you will need to call a home foundation repair company.

The Doors Don’t Close Properly

If a door gets stuck in the doorway frame every time you try to close it completely, this is a pretty clear sign that your house requires foundation repair work. This usually happens when the doorway frame becomes lopsided as the foundation begins to sink. If you notice this, you should immediately call a company for home foundation repair in Houston, TX. They will inspect your foundation and give you a quote for the repair work. Just remember, it is best to do your research before hiring any Houston home foundation repair company.

There’s a Gap between the Walls and the Basement Floor

If you notice a clear gap between the tiles on the basement floor and the walls around the sides, this is another indication that the floor is sinking and the foundation of your home is damaged. Most people don’t pay much attention to these clear signs, and that is a terrible thing. If your home’s foundation becomes severely damaged, you will need to spend a considerable amount of money to have it repaired. If you notice any of these signs of damage, you should call a home foundation repair company right away. It is always better to take preemptive action rather than dally for a longer period of time.

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