Sculpt Your Chin With a Deoxycholic Acid Injection in Birmingham MI

A person’s face is an important part of a first impression. Whether heading to a job interview or meeting new people socially, everyone wants to look his or her best. But one of the problematic areas around the face lies right below the chin. Fat cells tend to accumulate here and often give the appearance of a “double chin.” In fact, some people look heavier than they actually are because of fat situated right below the chin. Today, plastic surgery isn’t the only solution. Patients can utilize a Deoxycholic Acid Injection in Birmingham MI to deal with the fat and improve their facial appearance.

According to the FDA, the deoxycholic acid in the injection is just like the deoxycholic acid the body naturally produces. This acid helps the body to absorb fat, preventing it from accumulating in a specific area. The Deoxycholic Acid Injection in Birmingham MI works in a similar way by destroying the fat cells in and around the chin area. Once the injections begin to work, patients can see a real reduction in the fat and a real improvement in overall appearance.

While similar results can be achieved with a facelift, the injections require less downtime. Patients can go in for a treatment and be back at their normal tasks immediately after. Cosmetic surgery can take days or even weeks to fully recover from. Instead, patients taking advantage of the deoxycholic injections have an opportunity to look great and feel great without all of the hassle.

Because of the risks associated with the injections, it is important to have a licensed medical care professional handle the procedure. Patients usually receive multiple injections during a single visit. Then, follow up visits are required, usually within a month of each other until the ideal results are achieved. At this point, the injections are only approved to help remove the fat from underneath the chin area.

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