Most Common Reasons for Auto Repair


During the lifetime of your vehicle, you are likely to need to take it to the repair shop for a number of reasons. You may be in a collision, have faulty wiring, or just need a routine check-up. Every repair should be treated with a customized approach, but there are a few common Stroudsburg auto repairs that any car owner is familiar with fixing.


Replacing an Oxygen Sensor

The oxygen sensor monitors a vehicle’s unburned oxygen in the exhaust, telling the car’s computer if the oxygen is at the appropriate level. In previous years, this piece could break down and anyone who knows a little bit about cars could fix this problem at home. However, manufacturer’s now have a special cover over the sensor that requires a specific tool to open. In Stroudsburg, Best Auto Service and Tire Center is a full-service repair shop, servicing all makes and models who suffer from this issue. The service center boasts, “We are the one-stop shop for all you auto needs. We are proudly serving the Tannersville, Bartonsville, and Stroudsburg areas with top rated customer service and our expert mechanics.” Make sure you speak with customer service representatives to fix this sensor.


Loose Fuel Cap

A fuel cap can cause the “check engine” light to come up, which usually means that your fuel cap is loose or missing. Losing your fuel cap is an easy mistake to make, if the cap does not have an attachment that holds it onto the car. This problem may not seem like a major issue, but it results in a 0.5% decrease in gas mileage, which adds up over time. To fix this issue, purchase a new fuel cap from the manufacturer to make sure the sensor recognizes the addition.


Problematic Catalytic Converter

A catalytic converter controls all of the emissions in your vehicle, so this problem cannot be ignored. Preventing problems with the catalytic converter is relatively easy, with routine maintenance visits. Often, the problem is a faulty spark plug or fuel injector, which is ignored for too long. Make sure you bring your vehicle to the auto repair shop to fix this problem, due to the special equipment necessary to correct it.


Bringing The Car to The Shop

When in doubt, you should bring your vehicle to the closest service station for help. A service center often has access to tools and computer systems to determine the underlying cause of any problems. A reputable service center like Best Auto Service is able to take care of you and your vehicle to get you safely on the road.


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