Deciding How Often to Get the Transmission Flushed at an Auto Repair Garage

Some vehicle owners never get the automatic transmission fluid changed, while others faithfully have this service done on occasion at an Auto Repair garage. They might ask for a transmission flush after a certain number of routine oil changes, for example. How often should this service be done? The answer varies a great deal and depends on the specific vehicle and how it’s used. Drivers can find the recommendations in their owner’s manual or online.

Generally, the most frequently transmission fluid should be changed is every 30,000 miles. For the average driver, that means having this done every two or three years. If the vehicle often performs activities that significantly heat up the fluid, it may need to be drained and replaced that often. Someone who often tows a boat or a camper with a pickup truck, for instance, puts extra strain on the transmission. Using the truck to plow snow also asks more of the transmission than is considered normal use. Frequent travel up steep slopes is another heavy-duty job for an automatic transmission.

In contrast, some owner’s manuals recommend not having the transmission flushed until the vehicle reaches the 100,000-mile mark, or even higher. Manufacturing technology has improved so much over the past decades that it’s common for cars and trucks to travel 200,000 or 300,000 miles on the engine or transmission develops any serious problem.

When vehicle owners wonder whether having the fluid drained and replaced is worth the cost, they might consider an important point. Having the fluid changed, essentially, has the same purpose as having the oil changed. It can prevent a future need for expensive Auto Repair. Sometimes, a malfunctioning transmission only requires a relatively minor fix but, in other cases, the vehicle owner is looking at paying for extensive labor and expensive components. Interestingly, in certain cases, a transmission exhibiting unusual symptoms may be returned to its normal functioning simply by having the system flushed and the fluid replaced.

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