School Fundraising Ideas For Small Communities

While large urban and suburban areas have the problem of too many fundraisers, smaller communities and more rural areas have the problem with too few customers and lack of interest in the traditional types of items offered.

If this sounds familiar, perhaps it is not that the fundraiser is not going to work, but that the organizing committee has to look for different options in school fundraising ideas. Thinking about what people in the community want and need is the first step, but there are other ideas that can also come into play make the fundraiser a success.

Think Like a Consumer

Have the people on the organizing committee make a list of the fundraising items they don’t want to offer or that they would not buy. These lists will probably include the traditional wrapping paper, candles, chocolates and perhaps cookie dough or baking mix types of items.

Then, have them all make a list of what they would buy or what they need in their home right now. You will probably find fashion accessory items, unique kitchen gadgets and items, storage accessories and even home entertaining items.

By determining what the committee would buy you have a good idea of what others in the community are also looking for and also what they don’t want to see again this year.

Check Out Fundraising Companies

The fun part of finding new school fundraising ideas is to have a chance to review the different fundraising companies that are offering the specific items you know would be good sellers.

Take the time to review the site and make sure it is easy to use, the prices are competitive and that the company offers support, shipping options and multiple ways for the school to be able to process the orders.

Some companies only allow the orders in hardcopy form, some require the orders to be entered through their system while others allow a combination of options. It is also a great idea to use a company that allows parents, friends, family and members of the community to enter their own orders online.

Allowing people to browse a website and enter their own orders is one of the best school fundraising ideas. Not only does it reduce the work of the parent and teachers volunteering to work on the fundraiser, but it will also boost sales as people search the site and find items that are different, unique and original.

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