Review of the Stentorian Steam Engine Sub Ohm Clearomizer

The Stentorian Steam Engine Sub Ohm Clearomizer is a state-of-the-art, high capacity tank that is made from a reputable Wotofo company. Since its inception, it has garnered a massive popularity across the globe that is clear proof that it delivers on its promises. Here are some of the main attributes that give it a greater cutting edge in the market.

6ml Tank Capacity

This is one of the main attributes that make this a quality clearomizer. By purchasing this product, you will not need to keep refilling as the tank can hold 6ml of liquid nicotine at a go. Make sure that you use high quality nicotine to get the best experience.

Traditional and Bottom Fill Capability

The designers of this product worked smart to incorporate a top fill as well as the traditional bottom fill capability. This means that if you are not comfortable using the top filling capability; you can use the traditional bottom fill capability. However, it comes with a user’s manual that you can read to learn more about how to use it.

Adjustable Airflow Slots

Unlike most of the similar products in the market, this one comes with designer airflow slots that are adjustable and user friendly. This means that you can connect different types of coils in the slots at any time. You do not have to be restricted to just one type of coil.

Japanese Organic Cotton

To safeguard the health of the users, this is made from high quality Japanese Organic cotton material. This material is taken through a rigorous quality control process that helps to ensure that it is devoid of any harmful chemicals that can compromise one’s health and wellness.

Other amazing features that you will enjoy by purchasing this product are the removable outer sleeve, gold plated contact, traditional bottom fill capability, dual insulated drip tip, minimalist clean look, and an independent juice control adjustment. Be sure to familiarize yourself with how it works to avoid any inconveniences down the road.

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