Funeral Arrangements: Saying It with Flowers

Your colleague’s family member just passed away. And while you want to say something, anything, to express your sympathy, you don’t know what or how. Unlike other people who have the gift, the ability, to say the right words at the right time, to console and ease someone’s bereavement, that’s not your strength.

So when you hardly know what to say, no worries. Instead of words, try saying it with flowers.


Saying it with flowers

Blooms are a common sight in funerals. A lot of people express their sympathy by sending over bouquets or wreaths. That’s not a surprise. It can be an awkward bit of business to extend your condolences when you don’t know how. There’s also the fear that you can offend someone or cause even further hurt if you’re careless with your words. And that’s the last thing you want to do. Lucky for you, flowers can save the day.


Minding traditions

However, you can’t just randomly choose anything. Before you pick out funeral flower arrangements in Miami, make sure you know whatever cultural traditions or funeral practices the family has. You wouldn’t want to send a flower that the family dislikes or that symbolizes something negative in their culture, for example.


Finding appropriate ones

To make sure you pick out the right ones, ask your friend, colleague or a member of the family, EnlightenMe suggests. You can extend your heartfelt condolences and sympathy for the loss of friend or colleague’s family member without the thought or fear that you’ll end up embarrassing yourself. Don’t forget to pick the best time for the delivery. Have them delivered early on so the family can make the most of the arrangement.

So send your sympathies in the best possible way. Send them with flowers.

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