Cremation and Funerals in Scranton, PA

You are thinking about the benefits of cremation. This may be one of the better options for you. But, what about funerals in Scranton, PA? You can have both. It is not uncommon for individuals to have both a funeral, even with an open casket, and to be cremated afterward. The decision really is up to you, but for those who are considering their wishes in these areas, it helps to speak to an organization that specializes in this type of decision. If you are thinking ahead or considering options for your loved one, realize you can celebrate life, mourn death, and still go through eh cremation process instead of burial.

Know What to Expect

Cremation is the process in which intense heat is used to reduce the body to bones. The process is done in a cremation chamber and takes several hours to complete. After the process, the bone fragments are then processed until they look like gray sand. From there, the remains are placed in an urn, either a temporary one or a permanent one, depending on the goals.

Keep in mind that this can happen at the time of death or it can happen after a funeral occurs. For those who want funerals in Scranton PA are offered a variety of facilities. You can create the right funeral for your loved one (or preplan for your own). And, after it is over, instead of heading off to a cemetery, the process of cremation can take place.

Of course, some people wish to purchase a burial plot and be buried into the ground. For others, though, the thought of being cremated is just the better options. When it comes to funerals, Scranton, PA residents do not have to think twice about celebrating the life of their loved one through this process.

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