Sales Quotas for Reps and Companies on Their Landing Pages

by | Aug 9, 2013 | Education

Nearly every company has sales quotas in place. Like them or not, they are present to ensure that sales professionals are doing their utmost best to drive sales and profits. A sales quota is basically the minimum number or sales that employees must meet in order to meet their goals. While the terms of the quotas are different from company to company, they generally operate the same way. Sales professionals often feel a lot of pressure over these quotas, because some companies will let their employees go if they do not reach the goals that are in place. In some ways this is really bad in regards to sales performance, because it can lower morale.

Customers Want to Buy for the Right Reasons

Rather than having individual sales quotas for sales staff, companies would get much better results if they instead had a single sales quota for their whole sales team combined. So how far should companies go with their sales quotas? Should they display the performance of each member in their sales team? Should they list their quotas on their website landing pages? These are really hard questions to answer. Some companies feel that listing sales quotas on their landing pages will perhaps entice customers to buy, if they know that sales professionals are trying to meet their goals. However, in some ways this is really bad business. You don’t want customers to buy because they feel sorry for you if you aren’t close to meeting your quotas. You want them to buy because you provide superior products and services.

Never List Sales Quotas on Your Landing Page!

In many ways listing sales quotas on landing pages is demeaning. While it may have been ok in years past, many customers don’t take kindly to sales quotas. Quotas make them feel like they are being pressured to buy if you present the quotas to them, and they feel that it isn’t fair to employees to make them sell certain amounts. In a nutshell, they prefer quality over quantity, and they want the people they buy their products from to do the same. Your landing page should discuss your company and the products that you provide, not quotas and other information that should be kept internal. Quotas are fine, but they should always be kept private within a company.

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