Practical ECBA certification exam tips

Have you been dreaming of being a business analyst from some time, but don’t know where to start?

Or thinking of making a career switch to a business analyst, but clueless on the path ahead.

Or planning to give a strong hold to your BA profile which has just begun.

Then here is some fresh and welcome news for you.

The newly introduced ECBA Certification from IIBA is recommended for aspiring and new Business analysts.

This not only gives you a rock solid foundation for getting into the BA profession also helps you with a global certification.

ECBA has the backing of market recognition of IIBA hence the job opportunities it would bring in due to acceptance in the corporate segment.

ECBA is framed rightly to suit the needs of an entry level Business analyst focusing on requirements analysis, modeling and requirements life cycle management with a good amount of emphasis on modeling concepts and tools.

This post is to share some great inputs and tips on ECBA exams from 100+ ECBA v3 certified professionals that I have closely interacted with.

ECBA Prep tips

Preparing the ECBA application

  • Begin at least 1 months before you plan to apply
  • Download and review the certification Handbook before you begin
  • Apply within 6 months of when you plan to write
  • Enroll in a ECBA training which will give you the mandated 21 PD hours for the exam and also help you learn the tasks and techniques as described in BABoK prescribed for ECBA certification.

Application process

  • Provide educational qualifications
  • Provide professional development details
  • Approval is immediate


•      Total USD 295 (membership fees+ Application fees + Exam fees)

Exam contents and format

•      50 multiple choice questions

•      Time limit – 1hour/60 minutes

•      Definition based questions

•      Conducted in a proctored model by PSI Online

•      Need a computer with web-cam

•      Focus preparation more on

  • Elicitation and collaboration
  • Requirements life cycle management
  • Requirements analysis and design definition
  • Techniques related to the above
  • Lesser weightage on BA planning and monitoring, solution evaluation, strategy analysis

Exam Tips

•      Focus on purpose, of the tasks and techniques

•      Questions with diagrams and calculations are unlikely

•      Questions are expected to be single sentence questions

•      Questions on definitions

•      Questions on advanced modeling concepts unlikely

•      Understand concepts related to requirements characteristics well

•      Questions about advanced techniques unlikely

•      Understanding of types of tracing requirements

ECBA Exam Tips – Pre exam readiness

•      Have good internet – Have a backup for internet connection

•      Make sure your computer has a working camera.

•      Start 30 minutes early with all infrastructures ready.

•      Keep some water for yourself.

•      Observe time elapsed against the progress made

All the best ahead for your ECBA exams. Browse the site for more information on exam tips.

Listen to a free IIBA webinar on ECBA Exam prep tips by IIBA:

How to Best Prepare for ECBA

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