3 Tips to Make Carpet Installation Easier

Want to make carpet installation go as smoothly as possible? Here are three quick tips to get the best carpeting experience:

Rip It Up (Yourself)

Some people prefer to leave every single step of the remodeling process to the professionals when having new carpet installed. While most retailers that offer installation are fine with this, some may not offer full moving and preparation services. No matter what, these additional services will cost you an additional fee. This is easily avoidable if you simply tear the old carpet out yourself. Just make sure to do so efficiently and clean and clear the baseboards beneath properly to prepare them for installation!

Clean It Out

So, maybe you don’t have old carpeting that you want to tear out yourself. Whether you’re leaving that to the pros or just didn’t have carpeting there in the first place, your next step is clearing the room of any furnishings.

In some rare cases, your room’s furnishings may be too large for you to safely move on your own. If this is the case, call for professional help. Make sure all breakable items especially are out of reach of the installation area, and that anything that may need to rest on the floor finds a new temporary home while you have your flooring redone.

Leave it to the Professionals.

One of the best pieces of advice you’re likely to hear from just about anyone who owns a home with carpeting: doesn’t try to lay the carpet yourself. While there are some people who can pull off this tricky task without professional help, the majority don’t want to risk the many problems that can arise without the right tools and training.

Trust your Salt Lake City carpet installation to a local expert. Contact a retailer of carpet and flooring to find out the details about installation, and what can be arranged to make your new carpet’s move-in day smooth and stress-free.

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