Ruthless E-Liquid Offers Best Premium Gourmet Flavors

by | Apr 20, 2016 | Shopping

One of the biggest parts of vaping is e-liquids, with the cigarette being amazingly built as only half the story. In the world of e-liquid, there is a broad range of choice. Flavor for e-cigs is provided by e-liquid, with an extensive amount of flavors and brands in which a vaper may choose from. Many vapors find a flavor they are fond of and stay with it while others like experimenting with different e-liquids wondering if they offer something new and exciting.

Gourmet Blend of Ruthless E-Liquid

Ruthless E-Liquid is an E-press with a blend of VG/PG mix extents. Made out of California, this brand has the foremost nicotine, fixings, and flavoring, and does not have any diacetyl. Ruthless E-Liquid is sold to vapers in gourmet glass bottles in sizes including 15ml, 30ml, 60ml, and 120 ml. The Ruthless brand is made by vapers who know what other vapors are looking for.

Flavorful Jazzy Names

Flavors from the Ruthless brand all have some groovy names and are quite flavorful. One Ruthless E-Liquid that has a creative name is Slurricane. This flavor gives the vapor a taste of peaches, guava, and papaya. Vapers find this combination of flavors as extraordinary for their e-cig experience. Name and flavors from Ruthless show how creative and inventive this company is with their Ruthless E-Liquid. Another favorite flavor from Ruthless is Rise It, with a taste of lychee mango. For vapers vaping this e-juice, there is a crazy combination of fruits in which they find irresistible. For vapers staying with one flavor, they are sure to find it with the Ruthless brand. Vapers that enjoy experimenting with several different flavors, will not be disappointed with the many to choose from.

Potent Flavors

Ruthless flavors are the most potent on the market, and still maintains a high-level ratio of vg. Advanced vapers find these flavors work great for them due to them opening up in an excellent atomizer. However, these juices are able to be used in any system, such as drip or tank. Flavors in the Ruthless brand profile include numerous fruits, with some flavors being special in the Ruthless E-Liquid premium gourmet market. With premium flavor market, not all brands offer menthol. However, Ruthless is one of those rare brands which offer it to their vapers.

Serious vapors know if they want to receive the craziest and potent flavors on the premium market, they need to purchase Ruthless E-Liquid.

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