Earn Your Data Analytics Certificate in New York

The business world has changed with the advance of technology. Businesses in every industry rely on the collection and analyzation of large amounts of data as an integrated part of their business model. Because of this, data science and analysis is one of the few areas of the job market not suffering in the current economic recession. Here at RSquare Edge, we know how important data science is to both business owners and employees. If you are looking for a way to improve your career prospects and get training in one of the fastest-growing fields, earning a data analytics certificate is a great option.

What is Data Analytics?

Data science and analytics is a term that encompasses all the work relating to the incorporation of Big Data into a company’s business model. The actual job titles associated with data analytics can vary, but common ones are data analyst, intelligence engineer, and data architect. Many CEOs view data science as the next revolutionary idea that will change how businesses succeed, much like the Internet revolutionized business several years ago. For this reason, the data science field is growing exponentially. One statistic shows that the number of data analytics jobs has quadrupled in the last six years alone. Every indication is that the trend will continue over the next several years. Companies are having trouble finding enough qualified employees to implement data science into their business models. Employees with a data analytics certificate are in high demand.

Why Train with Us

At RSquare Edge, we are passionate about helping businesses incorporate data analytics, and training the world’s future data scientists. If you are looking to earn a data analytics certificate in New York, we would love to have you join us at our beautiful campus. Our highly intense and innovative 12-week certificate course is created by veterans of the data science industry. It is designed to shape talented individuals into successful data analysts.

We know how tough the job market can be right now. In most cases, a Bachelor’s degree just isn’t enough to secure a long-term, high-paying job. If you want to boost your marketability and find the job of your dreams, we are confident our data analytics certificate program can help you. We strive to provide companies across the country with qualified analysts and both our program and faculty are well-respected in the industry. This means we provide our students with extensive recruitment services. Our goal is for our students to be placed in their dream job by the day they graduate.

If you want to know if RSquare Edge is the right place for you, give us a call. Our experienced counselors can answer all of your questions and help you get started on the application process. We are committed to our students and our industry, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our data science education.

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