Reconstruction Assistance From a Car Accident Attorney in Ft. Myers

by | Sep 13, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In personal injury cases, accident reconstruction is the process where an expert or an attorney tries to recreate the circumstances and the scene of an accident. Sometimes it is hard to find the at-fault party; accident reconstruction helps to determine who is at fault and their extent of liability. During a reconstruction, the expert or lawyer may use evidence such as:

* Photos
* Audio/video footage
* Testimony from witnesses
* Tables, graphs, charts and diagrams
* Police reports
Computer animation
There are typically extra fees associated with the hiring of an accident reconstruction expert or attorney, especially if that person must use complex visual aids or hire an expert of their own. Reconstruction is very useful in fatal car accidents, or those causing grave bodily injury.

Forensic Animation
Forensic animation is a kind of reconstruction using computer software to generate a visual recreation of the accident. These videos are commonly used in car accidents, using physics to determine what would happen if one car was going a certain speed and the other car was moving slowly. Forensic animation is still the subject of debate as to whether it’s accurate enough to be used as trial evidence.

How the Evidence is Analyzed
The court needs to review evidence presented during an accident reconstruction. If it does not support the plaintiff’s claim, it cannot be entered into the court record. Most courts use these factors when analyzing reconstruction evidence:

* Authenticity: Usually a straightforward determination
* Relevance: The evidence must be related to the claim
* Accuracy: Evidence should be an accurate and fair representation of the events surrounding the accident

Accident reconstructions are analyzed by courts before being admitted into the court record. In some cases, judges may give instructions to the jury regarding an item introduced into evidence.

Hiring a Lawyer for Accident Reconstruction
It can be hard to prove fault in some accidents, and many cases rely on various methods of accident reconstruction. Courtroom presentations are usually handled by expert witnesses or personal injury attorneys. If you need assistance with a reconstruction, a Car accident attorney in Ft. Myers can help you get ready for trial, and can also provide legal representation.

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