Questions to Help You Hire Janitorial Services for Your School

A clean school can affect the success of your students. By providing a healthy, clean, and well-maintained environment, students can perform better in school. Also, sanitary conditions keep insects and vermin away, along with allergens that have negative effects on the health of students, teachers, and custodial staff, the EPA says.

Here are a few questions to help you find the best janitorial services you can hire in West Palm Beach FL.

What kind of experience does the company have?

Not all cleaning services are equal. Some focus on providing residential cleaning while others focus on commercial cleaning contracts. Find out which companies can provide you with the services you need. That’s the first step to hiring a good custodial staff.

What services are included?

Before you hire a cleaning company, make sure they provide you with a detailed list of services they will deliver as part of the service agreement. Knowing what services you can expect will make it easier for you to monitor and track the company’s performance. This will also help you make budget decisions in case there are services you need to request for. If these services aren’t included in the service agreement, you may need to increase your budget.

Who’s going to work for you?

The safety and health of your staff and students matter. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you hire cleaning contractors who are trustworthy and reliable. You could ask the company to let you meet with the staff. If they check out, then you can move forward with the hiring process.

How do they hire staff?

Before you consider hiring janitorial services in West Palm Beach FL, make sure you ask companies about their hiring practices and standards. Do they perform background checks along with board drug testing? Ask and find out.

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