Benefits of Synthetic Grass in Orlando Fl

There are close to 6,000 synthetic grass sports fields throughout the US. Millions of people, from students to professional athletes, practice and play their sport on a field that can be counted on regardless of the weather. As well as sports fields, an unknown number of homes, golf courses, and public spaces have recognized the benefits of synthetic grass. Synthetic grass in Orlando FL is lush and provides an attractive landscape alternative that needs little maintenance, saving untold millions of gallons a year of water, a precious resource.

If you are thinking of installing synthetic grass, consider the following:

  • Each year, a typical grass sports field requires one-half million gallons of water to maintain it in an acceptable condition. Artificial grass does not need any water. It is estimated that over 2 billion gallons of water are saved annually in schools, parks, and sporting venues that use artificial grass.

  • Municipal playing fields get a great deal of use. A grass playing field cannot be used every day nor can it be used in the rain.

  • Municipalities that have installed synthetic turf have found that their playing fields are available all year round. The surfaces remain safe and resilient.

  • A typical home lawn of 1800 square feet needs close to 60,000 gallons of water each year. With synthetic grass in Orlando FL, homeowners can save the expense and help conserve water. Switching to artificial grass allows homeowners and business owners alike to save money and recourses. The initial cost of synthetic grass can be recovered in a few years just by reducing the cost of water, fertilizer, weed killers, and maintenance.

Synthetic grass is a smart solution for beautifying homes, businesses, schools, and public spaces. It is tough and long-wearing and always is attractive and well kept. Visit EasyTurf for more information.

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